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Benefits of Miswak - The Tradition

Explore the Benefits of Miswak and the tradition of Miswak over the years.Find about the dental ingredients of Miswak and its modern approach for a complete oral care routine.



It evokes memories of days past, brushing your teeth with a twig. But this is not any old twig. This is miswak. A symbol of our heritage, a tradition that has been passed down over generations, miswak is a symbol of the wisdom of our ancestors for a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

Miswak Dental Ingredients

Rich in fluorine, silica, and a host of antibiotic compounds, miswak extract packs a serious punch. Miswak is obtained from the twigs of the Arak tree, although it can also come from walnut and olive trees.

Oral Care Benefits of Miswak

There are many scientists who believe that miswak extract has multiple benefits for your teeth. Miswak extract has properties that effectively fight plaque, gum disease, and even prevent any existing decay from getting worse. It also has minerals such as chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium to strengthen the enamel in your teeth, leaving you with a healthy mouth.

A Modern approach to Miswak

Today, science has allowed us to extract the liquid from miswak to create a modern alternative to the traditional stick. It is a combination of nature’s goodness with the power of science in your modern oral care routine.

Good oral health can give you the confidence boost you need – LISTERINE® with Miswak Extract helps you get there. The benefits of miswak extract have been known for ages. And you can now enjoy Listerine with miswak extract in a daily use product, and make it part of your oral care routine in the simplest possible way.