Healthy Mouths, Healthy Planet

We envision a world where everyone, everywhere recognises that a healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy self. When we say we’re committed to helping you maintain the best oral health, we’re also making a commitment to do it in a responsible, sustainable way that will help protect our planet.

Responsible Packaging

We continuously strive to reduce packaging waste, using more recyclable, recycled and renewable materials.


  • Our clear Listerine bottles are made of the most recycled plastic material in the world, and are recyclable in most markets.
  • To recycle caps, keep them ON the bottle when recycling to avoid having them end up in the environment.
  • We’re striving for 100% recyclable bottles & caps for all our products by 2021 by exiting opaque plastic bottles, ensuring our labels wash away on recycling with no residue and moving to colourless caps to improve recycling quality.
  • We will begin launching bottles with post-consumer plastic (PCR) in 2022.
  • We’re striving for 100% certified responsibly sourced or post-consumer recycled paper and pulp packaging by 2025.

Choiceful Ingredients

We fill our bottles with carefully chosen high-quality ingredients, backed by science which are gentle plus non-toxic to aquatic life and eco-systems*

  • We set a high bar for using ingredients and never select any animal derived ingredients.
  • LISTERINE® contains Essential Oils which are inspired by nature.
  • COOL MINT Mouthwash is a 99% naturally derived formula**.

*As per GAIA™ (Global Aquatic Ingredient Assessment™) tool. GAIA™ measures the relative potential impacts of ingredients on the aquatic ecosystem, from 0 (poorest) to 100 (best).

** Based on average cumulative volume of ingredients including water

Resource Conservation

We are focused on innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions, increase energy and water efficiency, and conserve our environmental resources.

  • COOL MINT mouthwash flavor oil is concentrated in order to reduce greenhouse emissions associated with transportation of our raw materials to our facilities.