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Bad Breath Mouthwash

Prevent bad breath - commonly known as halitosis with our range of Listerine mouthwashes.

Deep Clean Mouthwash for Bad Breath Prevention

Have bad breath? Don’t worry! It’s completely normal and avoidable. There are many causes of bad breath, but inadequate oral hygiene is one of the most common contributors to bad breath. Bad breath can be prevented with a proper oral hygiene routine that includes rinsing with a deep cleaning mouthwash. Fortunately, Listerine® offers various mouthwashes to suit all needs, and tastes, while protecting teeth from plaque build-up, and germs that cause bad breath.

Listerine® Cool Mint mouthwash, with its refreshing minty taste, is an ideal choice for preventing bad breath. Listerine® Cool Mint fights germs that cause plaque, freshens breath, and removes germs left behind after brushing. Listerine® Fresh Burst can also be used to freshen breath with an energizing experience that helps eliminate bad breath. For a milder taste and an alcohol-free experience, choose Listerine® Zero which provides a 3x deeper clean vs brushing alone.

Explore the Listerine® range and rinse twice daily using your favourite Listerine® mouthwash for a clean mouth and a long-lasting fresh breath.